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COMPUFIGHT is a realistic, historically and statistically accurate boxing simulation based on over 30 years of detailed research. COMPUFIGHT allows a user to match any two fighters, from any period of time against each other. As an example Muhammad Ali can be matched against Jack Dempsey even though they fought over 30 years apart.

All fighters ratings are based on true, historical data compiled by the computer and broken down into 52 different categories. These categories would include both physical and mental attributes of each fighter. The computer compares and calculates each fighters strengths and weaknesses and provides a probable yet highly accurate result within a few minutes.

COMPUFIGHT is the most comprehensive, realistic and historically correct boxing simulation ever developed. The actual fight is from the perspective of the ringside announcer in a text format.

There are currently over 3,000 fighters available from flyweights to heavyweights to choose from. New fighters are added constantly and fighters already on the system are updated on a consistent basis.

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